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Fancy Pants for the Sporty Girl

My older daughter is now a self-proclaimed “Sporty Girl” and is not comfortable wearing dresses anymore. She says it’s “just not me”. This is the same girl who had to wear the fluffiest pettidresses I could find, and even referred to them as her “cozy” clothes. She would change into them when she got home from school! She is now 7, plays soccer, and her taste has changed. She’s heading down a new path with her own fashion style!

I have actually been struggling a bit with finding clothes that she will wear. I’ve taken her shopping, she’s tried on clothes, and then she decides for one reason or another she won’t wear them.  It’s been a power-struggle at home and it’s been quite challenging.  I think she’s growing up a little and trying to find her own style. I of course want to nurture that, however, after this happened a few times, we put a stop to buying anything new. She has her school uniforms and her casual clothes for after school and the weekend. But with the holiday season now here, she needed something on the dressier side because she had outgrown everything from her closet. So, we went to Target to pick out an outfit together.  I was so pleased to see that Cherokee had such a variety of choices.

She was very excited when we found these shiny, coated jeggings and blouse. We picked out a sparkly belt to accessorize it and matching ballet flats. We had the cream Cherokee faux fur vest already and layered that together. I added a sparkly Tutu Du Monde necklace that we had, as well as a simple gold hair bow from Claire’s.

She ended up taking the vest off when she got hot and the outfit still looked well put together. She was very comfortable and I felt like we found a nice compromise. I appreciate the diversity in looks from Cherokee. I saw short and long skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, cardigans- lots of mix and match items to really personalize the look.  And you can’t beat the prices-especially with all of the sales!

Thank you, Cherokee!

This is one happy girl with a spring in her step!

Outfit and Shoes: Cherokee from Target

Necklace: Tutu Du Monde from Kola Pop

Hair Bow: Claire’s

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