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My girls recently attended a free yoga

class at ivivva Boca Raton, from Sandy Gologursky, owner of Ladybug Yoga. The class was wonderful. It was so creative too!  She combined relaxation with movement and visualization. The kids really enjoyed themselves! I thought she incorporated many useful techniques to help them relax. Ones that they could use anywhere and anytime! Since school was right around the corner, I thought this would make for a really helpful blog post for both parents and children!

Sandy agreed to share some of her wisdom and co-write this post with me!

“Our slower paced, more laid back, going with the flow summer has come to an end and the much anticipated, structured, faster pace and intensified stress of the school year has arrived. Not only do the children feel this pressure, but every parent that is involved experiences it as well. I have 2 daughters, Maya is 7 years old beginning Grade 2 and Jada is 3 1/2 beginning Pre-K3. I know for myself as the final couple of weeks before Maya and Jada begin school I get this feeling in my belly that is filled with excitement, overwhelmed and extra pressure to make sure that everything is organized and perfect for my little princesses to begin their school year. My girls begin to get butterflies in their bellies the weekend right before school starts and it escalates the night before their new journey will begin.

There are many amazing tools & techniques that I have put together for Ladybug Yoga, two of which I will gladly share that can be very useful to assist you and your child(ren) before and during the school year.


Each new journey we embark on gives us the opportunity to set the program “make a wish” so take a moment to visually do this for the new school year.

This first technique is called “visualization”. Practice before school begins. Take approximately 5 minutes, sit down on the floor with your child(ren) and discuss how they would like to positively visualize (imagine) this beautiful new journey.

For example your child can say:

I see myself happy.

I see myself learning lots of new and exciting things.

I see myself playing with friends.

I see myself participating in class.

I see myself getting good grades.

Once they’ve shared how they want this year to visually look, have them lie down next to you and close their eyes. You will repeat each positive visualization one at a time. Give a moment for your child to really picture themselves in their mind & experience these emotions before going on to the next. This technique can be repeated throughout the school year as needed.

Sigh Breath

The school year is at times very stressful and overwhelming for children as they are dealing with all of the academic and social pressure.

The second tool/technique is called “sigh breath” which takes approximately 20 seconds. Teaching your child this breath will calm them down instantly when they are experiencing moments of feeling overwhelmed.

Guide your child(ren):

Inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth, making a loud sighing noise.

Visualize when you breathe in.

Breathe in happiness and calmness.

Breathe out any anger, sadness or stress that you are experiencing

Repeat 3 times

I am so fortunate to have and use many different tools that assist my family in our everyday lives. We as parents need to make a conscious decision to take an extra few minutes during these times of need for ourselves and our children to use these tools/techniques to truly help shift our challenging experiences for the positive!”

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Sandy will be hosting another free yoga class at ivivva Boca Raton on Sunday September 4, 2016 from 11:00-11:45.

Teacher Training

Ladybug Yoga Children’s Teacher Training is a dynamic, interactive, and fun training program geared toward anyone seeking to or currently working with children.

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Ladybug Yoga Teacher Training includes:
Discipline Tools
How to Structure Classes
Creative Breathing Exercises
Over 100 Children’s Yoga Poses
30 original and fun-filled yoga games
Unique Guided Crystal Relaxations
Active Stories

Take Home:
72-page curriculum manual
Children’s yoga mats
Recorded Crystal Journey Relaxation
Certificate of Completion

Ladybug Yoga Children’s Teacher Training is recognized as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). 10 Continuing Education Contact Hours (CE) toward Yoga Alliance can be applied for registered yoga instructors.

Teacher Training will be in Boca Raton on September 10th & 11th.

Mention this blog post and receive 15% discount on registration!

For more information call 754-244-5596 or visit

Children’s Book Recommendations:

Our friends at Happy Science Mom have several blog posts to help with relaxation and mindfulness.  She also reviews many children’s books such as Trish’s Fall Photography and Rachel’s Day in the Gardenand discusses the many benefits of yoga.    

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