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    My daughter and I added a Therapedic Weighted Blanket to our self-care routine to reduce our anxiety.

    With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought it was the perfect time to share a post about the Therapedic Reversible Weighted Blanket.  Initially, you may not see how the two go together, but read on… Self-Care I had been looking into getting a weighted blanket for myself and my daughter for quite some time. Anxiety runs in my…

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    EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about YOOBI!

    Yoobi (Pronounced You-Be) Yoobi makes fun, colorful products for school, home and office. Their items make studying, organizing and planning so much more enjoyable! Yoobi’s Spring campaign is all about being EXTRA. They want you to show off what makes you EXTRA. Are you Extra Kind? Extra Positive? Extra Smart? Extra Athletic? We want to hear all about it too!…

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    My Favorite Hair Tie

    We’ve all seen the new trend in hair ties- the ones that look like old-fashioned phone cords, right? Well My Favorite Hair Tie® is unlike the other spiral hair ties in the industry; My Favorite Hair Tie® is local, eco-friendly and philanthropic. It will be your favorite because: Offers you more hair ties without costing you more per hair tie. Eco-friendly material.…