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Wear Your Confidence

As you may have read in my previous post, we started our Instagram this summer after months of Ella telling me she wants to model. I couldn’t wrap my head around how such a shy girl could do it. So after several times of her bringing it up, I had to get creative. I wanted to nurture her interests while at the same time shield her from any rejection (castings, etc) at this point in her life. Instagram was a way that I thought I could provide her with those “modeling” opportunities. I put “modeling” in quotations because at this time we are not signed to an agency, this is a hobby and we are testing the waters to see if it’s something she wants to pursue more professionally in the future.

It was around the same time, my idea for a blog was coming together. We both embarked on this journey together. Over the past 6 months, I have really seen her self-confidence grow. Along with reading children’s books, positive affirmations, and success journaling, finding something she was interested in and felt good about really has helped her (us).

Confidence grows by going outside of your comfort zone and trying new things. It is based on successes and achievements. Whereas self-esteem is based on how you feel about yourself overall and self-love; self-confidence is more about your belief in your abilities to do something. I thought by increasing her self-confidence it would lead to a higher self-esteem and eventually bring her out of her shell a little. So far it seems to be working!

I am so grateful to all the support I have had on Instagram thus far. We have been working with some wonderful brands and have been collaborating with different companies. I’m sure they don’t even realize the extent these collaborations have helped my daughter’s self-confidence.

These modeling and Brand Rep opportunities have a special kind of meaning for us. It’s about having found an activity that Ella enjoys, is excited to do, and feels proud of.

The Brand Rep jobs have opened up a whole new chapter in my life as well. I have met new people and have this new hobby that is truly a bonding experience for Ella and me. My older daughter, Juliet, joins in sometimes although she says it’s “not her”. I do my best to respect that and not pressure her into any pictures. She is involved in her own activities that we support each week.

Ella really is identifying with being a model, in whatever capacity that means to her. She loves dressing up and taking pictures. She talks about it with her friends, teachers, and even new people she meets. I see her light up when she is telling someone that she is a “model”. It is nice in a way that she has something unique to her. As parents we try our best to make our kids happy and feel successful. I am so grateful for the brands we are working with and all of our collaborations.

We recently had an opportunity to collaborate with Cherokee USA. She was able to pick out a complete outfit from Target. She selected this floral dress, faux fur vest and boots. Cherokee describes this floral dress as borrowing “from the boys with a pointed collar, button-down front and a chest patch pocket. From the waist down, this shirt dress is plenty girly, with flirty pleats and a totally twirlable skirt that hits above the knee.”

The Cherokee Girls’ Faux Fur Vestis super soft and machine washable! It goes with so many things too and is a great Fall piece to layer for some extra warmth.

growing up glad, wear your confidence, mom blog, mommy blog, fashion blog, parenting blog, girl power, inspiration, motivation, 2015

The boots she selected are called “Toddler Girls’ Cherokee Johanna Fashion Boots”. The boots come to mid-calf.

The back is detailed with a full- length pink zipper and little brass studs.

Ella’s crown is from Bee Crowned Shop on Instagram. These headbands are custom made here in Miami. It was very comfortable.  She has a lot of hair and it stayed put. She wore it all day and to school the next day too! 

But overall, the most important thing a girl wears is her confidence!

Dress, Vest and Boots: Cherokee USA

Crown Headband: BeeCrownedShop

Nails: Piggy Paint in “Angel Kisses”

Photography: Danielle Margherite

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